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Welcoming The Powerful Energies of 2018

Wow! What an absolutely thrilling time to be alive! Life is moving so quickly, time has accelerated to a point that we are here…2018! This year will prove to be one of momentous change and an even more rapid acceleration through greater awareness of oneself, ones relationships and the world in which we live.

Let’s start off first by acknowledging that 2018 is a gateway year, (numerology 2+0+1+8=11 which also breaks down to 1+1=2) setting the stage with an amazing Super Moon on the first days of the year (you may see my next report on the Super Moon in Cancer, January 1-2 which I will be posting tomorrow) and then another Super Blue Moon which is also an Eclipse Moon on January 31st! Super Wow!! This truly is amazing and is quite befitting as last year was a 1 year (2017, 2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1) which was ruled by the Sun. 2018 is a 2 year which is ruled by the moon and boy are we starting of an intense lunar cycle! Remember, nothing ever happens by chance in this Universe. This is all happening for a very specific purpose/reason. Synchronicity as it’s finest!

It is important to note that last year being a 1 year (2017, 2+0+1+7=10…1+0=1) we were supported in the divine masculine energy which was all about standing up for ourselves. Most likely you found yourself being challenged to stand up for your beliefs and to hold your ground while understanding the importance of putting yourself and your needs first. Well, this year being a 2 year, we are supported in the divine feminine energy which is all about being receptive and soulful. This is the year where we are supported in going within for deeper reflection of ourselves, tuning into our emotions and gaining a deeper understanding and insight through our relationships. Relationships will play a key role throughout 2018.

In fact, 2018 also being an 11 year, the energy of the master number 11 will be supporting us by giving us many opportunities to master our relationships with not only our self by knowing what you want and identifying your truth, but with all those we have an ongoing affinity with as well. This is the year where we will be prompted and positioned over and over again to get in touch with our feelings and stand in our power while the other in the relationship is prompted to do the same. We have the opportunity to master our relationships where each person stands secure in their truth and is accepted while shining in their own light.

I encourage us all to embrace these challenging opportunities by accepting them as amazing lessons that will lead us to the mastery of the self and our most cherished relations. Let us look upon this as a time of learning with great rewards for those who have the courage to see it and experience it as the priceless gift that it is. No matter what you have or who you are, I think we may all agree that we have nothing and lack the ability to enjoy life without those relationships that make life really worth living. When things get tough in any relationship, I always reflect on this absolute truth: We all want to be heard, understood and loved. With that in mind, coupled with Universal Law that states you must first learn to give that which you wish to receive, I have dedicated myself to utilizing the energies of 2018 to learn to stand in my own truth and light while understanding and supporting those around me in doing the same.

With Gratitude, Love & Light Friends,


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