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It is my mission to bring healing light and love to the earth and all its inhabitants. I am, through example and teaching, assisting in the raising of human consciousness through awareness, mindfulness, and the daily practice of connecting to the divine. Through the raising of awareness, the individual begins a personal journey of self-discovery and soul ascension.

Please reach out today and schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation. By taking this crucial step, you are now one step closer to living the life you know you were meant to live.



In Service with Gratitude, Love & Light

Danieylah Ahlahynah Veola

The Lady From Source

You have everything you need 

right inside of you! Tap in and connect with your truth and live each moment in your Highest & Greatest Expression.

Going as far back in my life as I can remember, I was bridging both worlds. The physical reality I was born into, and the spiritual reality from which I came. I have many recollections of being in the crib as a baby and wanting my mother. When she did not come, I was happy to pop out of my body and astral project myself to wherever she was in the house. I was content to float about near the ceiling as she went about her business, so long as I was near her. To this day, my mother still says I was the most content baby she had ever seen.


These early experiences of Astral Projection and out of body experiences (OBE) set the stage for my life long journey of self exploration, self realization, and actualization.


Though, I have to say, my teenage years were a struggle. From the time I was 16 up until the age of 42, I grappled with deep emotional and physical pain, varying addictions, self-destructive behavior, shame, unworthiness, and abandonment issues that stemmed from my mother and father wounding. Belief systems and ways of being and processing this world, that I adopted and believed were my own, kept me in emotional and mental patterns that kept me stuck and feeling powerless for most of my life. Still, I never gave up. I perpetually kept trying to find a way to rise above the seemingly endless obstacles, challenges, and blocks that stood so firmly in my way.


In the midst of an anguishing marriage, struggling in financial failure, suffering in physical pain, and with concern for the well-being of my then 7 year old son, I finally gave into the fatigue. I let go and finally started searching within myself for the answers. I knew that it had to come from inside of me.  I was no longer blaming people, places, and circumstances for my unhappiness.


I wanted more. 

It all starts with the desire and then asking the right questions:

"How do I heal?" "How do I let go of what does not serve me?"

"How do I live a fulfilling life that I enjoy?"

Ever since this awakening, I have come to a place in my life where I can honestly say that I am happy in all the areas. I want for nothing. I truly love myself and feel a sense of completion and freedom as my default state. This is possible for you, too.


Just the fact that you are reading this means that you are ready to rise.

It is my greatest honor, privilege and joy to serve as your guide.


It is time for each of us to connect with what is out of alignment within us so that we may live in alignment with all that is around us, thereby living in effortless ease in alignment with the Source of Infinite Creation. It is time to rise, expand our conscious awareness and create from within that which we were each uniquely born to bring into this world. Remember, you are the source of everything in your life and you have the power and ability to create anything, and I mean anything your heart and soul desires.


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