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Live Event and Classes

Now more than ever it is so important to make time to gather with like-hearted souls so we may more easily find our center and connect with soul family, our tribe.

Please join us at one or more of our live events or classes and experience soul expansion, healing, psychic awareness and development, centeredness and a deeper connection to spirit and one’s innate truth as a cosmic, divine, eternal being of pure Source Consciousness.

Each gathering whether it be online or in person is held within a sacred container ensuring each participant receives exactly that which is in perfect alignment with his/her highest timeline reality.

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Saturday Satsang Meditative Journey

By Donation Saturday Satsang Series (in-person and online) 


We are so excited to begin our By Donation Saturday Satsang Series 
(in-person and online) starting this Saturday, June 10th and every Saturday thereafter. We will get together for one hour 11 am- 12 pm EST for a live healing journey with the intention of cultivating balance, alignment, peace and healing on a quantum
level, mind. body and spirit.

Within the group container you will also find support for your hearts intent that will help each participant in manifesting what one truly need with more ease and grace.

Session will be from 11 am- 12 noon EST on Saturdays
Please join us live at our Deland, FL location or
login via zoom online



PLEASE message me below or email me at with your name, email and phone number (for text reminders/alerts) to let me know you will be attending in person so you may receive all the updated information.




I am honored to offer these sessions by donation so that it is affordable for everyone!


All Donations are received with Love & Gratitude.Please make your donation of any amount through any of the following


•    Venmo- Email or username: or ladyfromsource


•    Zelle (Chase Quick Pay) – use this email address for Zelle ONLY    


It is my greatest joy and heart-full intent to serve you and your higher self in your process of coming into wholeness once again! I look forward to meeting you and thank you so much for being part of this community!

Infinite Loving Light Always!



These gatherings are By Donation for a limited time to make it affordable for everyone. I am proud and honored to facilitate these gathering. Please note that I keep a multidimensional, high-vibe space and sacred container for all those who join us.

June Solstice Event 2023


Summer Solstice3.jpg

Your DNA is the blueprint of your soul, holding all information and potentiality of you through the quantum, throughout time and space, past, present and future. Consciously working with your DNA puts you in the drivers seat as a conscious co-creator of your reality.

Experience your Divine DNA and activate, awaken and amplify your original blueprint as we gather at this mid year event of the June Solstice on 6/20/23 at 7 pm, EST.

The time of the Solstice proves as a significant gateway which provides a choice point for each of us, as we continue on this path of Awakening and Ascension. Unity consciousness and unconditional love are where we are headed. The practice of forgiveness, letting go and surrender free us from the ties that bind that have kept us constricted, limited and small.

DNA activation and healing go hand in hand. The action of healing is the action of coming into wholeness. It is the action of transmuting the lower levels into higher frequencies and bands of light by bringing consciousness to what no longer serves and engaging and acting upon higher choices. The lower levels are kept in place by patterns of thought, limiting beliefs, unexpressed emotions, habits, programs, conditioning, etc. 

We will touch on this in order to activate and initiate the body into raising its vibrational set point thereby achieving and sustaining a higher light quotient 

With the opening, alignment and recalibration of the Cosmic Gateways and  Stargates, the light intelligence is now pouring onto our planet as a faster, purer plasma flowing in, through and out of the multidimensional crystalline core of our beloved Gaia. Super intense, cosmic light forces are streaming right through the various fields of our bodies, our hearts, and our DNA. These higher light streams are triggering the awakening of our consciousness, causing sudden shifts that are often destabilizing (dizziness, fatigue, nausea, headaches, body aches, etc.) as our internal structures and systems contend with ongoing shifts. These sudden jumps in light level have been and will continue to be consistent throughout this year and the next.

Together, in our sacred group container we will come together and allow the higher light to register and illuminate within our physicality as we cleanse, clear and activate the DNA allowing for the further embodiment of our truth creating coherence, synchronicity and a multidimensional restructuring. This brings forth higher states of consciousness throughout our life’s stream.

Please join us on Tuesday, June 20th at 7 pm EST by registering here:

No upcoming events at the moment
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