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Integrate the shift with grace and ease.

There are so many ongoing, constantly shifting, energetically potent cosmic and astrological events happening at any given time, such as: stelliums, retrogrades, multi-planet aspects, nodes, eclipses, etc. It used to not always be this way. There was a time when exciting, truly potent, cosmic energetic influences that held such magnitude and intensity were exceptionally rare.

Today, these intense cosmic influences are a regular occurrence. Often there are many occurring simultaneously, overlapping each other creating massive energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical shifts within our bio-energetic fields, our physical bodies, and our consciousness.



astrological influences to serve as the wind beneath your wings.0


From time to time, you may have found yourself feeling dizzy, foggy, fatigued, or just plain “off”. Some experience physical ailments that even the best doctors can’t explain. Others may experience body aches and pains or sleepless nights. This is because these cosmic forces and planetary influences continue to effect us on very deep, often both on subconscious and unconscious levels.

Let us come together as we move through this massive, multidimensional transformation and reshape the way we live and how we thrive on this planet. The high-potency, cosmic energies are ramping up and supporting each of us by attaining our very highest timeline reality. As a collective whole, these are truly unprecedented times that we are experiencing here on our Mother Gaia. These beginning phases can be messy and filled with uncertainty, but armed with the conscious awareness of the energies of the cosmos, we will wield the forces to our benefit supporting our life’s experiences so we may navigate them with more grace and ease.


to empowering heights of empowerment and mastery.


Let us come together with each of us armed with the astrological knowledge of exactly what area within our life is being impacted, such as: home, professional, relationships, finance, personal identity, and etc.

We will each learn how these energies will be affecting each of us individually and will attain the tools to capitalize on the potentials and make the most out of the energetic influences available to support each of us in our transformation and manifestations.

It's time to strap yourself in. Get grounded, focused, and connected with the comforting support of soul family. We will utilize the collective energies of community and the power of the cosmos to assist and support our journey into the unknown, rebuilding ourselves and the world together.

Knowledge is POWER!
Through community, we find STRENGTH!



Prepare yourself with the power of the latest cosmic energy updates!



  • Meet once per month around the time of the new moon live on zoom.

  • Live interactive monthly cosmic & global energy updates

  • 1 on 1 support and guidance during your manifestation and embodiment processes.

  • Learn about moon wishes and how to write your moon checks, creating the life you know you were meant to live.

  • Learn the basics of astrology and how those cosmic energies effect certain aspects of your life.

  • Learn how to navigate your life by taking advantage of your understanding of the cosmic energies

  • Learn the tools, techniques, processes, and protocols that enable you to stay balanced through turbulent times.

  • Super-charge your transformation and manifestations with your soul family in group synergy.

  • Guided meditations, live channeled healings, clearings, and activations all in support of your new human experience.

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