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Private Session with Danielle Lyn Viola

Real Lasting Permanent Change Happens At The Root, Anything Less Is Temporary - Danielle Lyn Viola

When we are looking to make changes in our life, the only way to create lasting change is to target the root cause. The root often times, comes from beyond this incarnation, sourced in Past Lives, Parallel Lives, Spiritual Lineage, Genetics, DNA and even future lives and the list goes on and on.


We are multidimensional beings and therefore a multidimensional approach is required to get to the root cause and shift the energetics to create the desired outcome.


Only when we approach healing from this perspective, may one experience lasting transformation that creates tangible results experienced from the inside out.

My approach is multidimensional yet practical and tangible so that you are empowered, creating the desired change from deep within your multidimensional soul.


Remember You Are Source! You are The Source of everything in your life.


You are the #1 co-creator along with the Universe, creating your life’s experience moment to moment through the quantum fields of existence.

You will learn lasting ways of self-healing and integration, experience powerful, transformative healing sessions allowing you to break free of your limitations, overcome blocks and clear out at the root all that does not serve you.


Experience freedom and expansion as imitations deeply rooted at the subconscious, multidimensional, quantum level come to the surface to be cleared, healed and integrated; expanding your consciousness and freeing up life force energy so that you may embody your most greatest expression, balanced and aligned to your highest timeline reality.

Freedom is your birthright. In committing to your personalized program of healing and integration, you will experience many upshifts in your reality and attain many amazingly transformative tools that are yours to keep and utilize in support of your ongoing growth and expansion.

Book your choice of session now!

If you have Never worked with me before, book your Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation Here so that we may get to know each other and see how you may best be served.

If you have worked with me before and are looking to book your Next Session, Book Here.

Be prepared to catapult your spiritual journey of growth and expansion, embody more of who you really are and welcome yourself HOME.

Don't forget to use discount code Private333 at the checkout to get your session for the amazing price of $333


If you are unable to find an appointment time that works for you,

please email me directly at

so that we may make suitable arrangements for your session.

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