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October Double Eclipse 2 Hour Special Event


The effects of the eclipses last for about 6 months and they affect each of us differently depending upon our astrology.  


October Double Eclipse 2 Hour Special Event
Sunday, October 15, 2023 @ 7 pm EST

Replay Sent Within 24 Hours Of The Event For Your Future Viewing & Receiving Pleasure!



During our time together you will: 


  • Learn exactly how these eclipses will affect you and your life.

  • Know what areas of life will be changing and how to navigate that change with more grace and ease.

  • Gain valuable information on how to best prepare yourself and receive tips on how to work with the energies to bring about the most beneficial rebirth possible.

  • Receive a live healing session that will uniquely support your personal journey through this eclipse season, which you may utilize over and over again to support your navigating these next 6 months with more ease and grace .

  • Obtain your astrology chart and know how to work with it in the months to come 


Once you have registered, please send me your birth information (city, state, date and exact time if possible) so I may provide you with your astrology chart.

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