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12/12 Portal & Winter Solstice

Are you ready to utilize the Cosmic Energies of our Solar System to support your creations and live your very HIGHEST & BEST TIMELINE?


Are you ready to take on 2024 with passion, purpose and drive?

Would you like to know what is just ahead for you launching into 2024

and how best to navigate it with grace and ease?


Join Us!   


12/12 Portal & Winter Solstice Moon Manifesting & More Gathering on Sunday

12/10/2023 @ 7 pm EST.

Replay Sent Within 24 Hours Of The Event For Your Future Viewing & Receiving Pleasure!


During our time together you will: 


  • Learn in which area of life (relationships, career, home, love, etc.) the New Moon in Sagittarius will most be affecting you and how to best navigate it.

  • Be guided in a process of influencing the energies in your favor by forging new moon intentions that create opportunities for real change that may upshift your life’s experiences.

  • Discover how to make the most of the powerful 12/12 Portal Gateway and what you can do to get it to work in your favor.

  • Understand the significance of the Winter Solstice and what we can do with this period and cycle of life that will have the best possible impact on us, our lives and those we care about.

  • Receive a powerful, unique healing that is based upon your unique frequency and tailored to your Soul Signature Frequency that will most serve you at this time in preparation for what is just ahead (and beyond).

  • Obtain your astrology chart and know how to work with it in the months to come 


Once you have registered, please send me your birth information (city, state, date and exact time if possible) so I may provide you with your astrology chart.

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