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Akashic Records Reading

Gateway To The Super-Conscious

Within the Akashic Realm we find the information or data bank containing everything that has ever been, everything that is and everything that will ever be through all life forms, events, thoughts, words, emotions, etc. It holds the answers to any question and may provide important insight and guidance when one is posed with making a decision or getting past an obstacle or blockage. An Akashic Records Reading gives you the opportunity to tap into higher truth and gain clarity and insight into your most pressing questions. Armed with the knowledge, we may then begin to efficiently and effectively create the change we so much are longing for.

Exchange is $111

Please be sure to provide 3 to 5 questions for your reading in the Message Box upon booking.

Please also provide the exact spelling of you birth name, as written on your birth certificate so I may best prepare for your reading.

Thank you!

Don't forget to use discount code Akashic55 at the checkout to get your session for the amazing price of $55

If you are unable to find an appointment time that works for you,

please email me directly at

so that we may make suitable arrangements for your session.

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