Are you a seeker? Looking to understand your purpose in life? A Soul Contract Reading uses the sounds of Ancient Hebrew and channeled Ancient Wisdom to: Reveal the tr...
Soul Contract & Life Purpose Reading
1 hr 30 min
The concept of a name change optimization can seem quite radical and strange to some. In fact it has been used by ancient traditions for a very long time. For example, in...
Name Change Optimization
1 hr
Choosing your baby’s name is perhaps one of the most important things you will do for your child. This is because sound is creative and so the sound of your baby’s name w...
Baby Naming
1 hr
Through a Soul Contract Reading, which decodes the Spiritual Map of Life, we can easily and accurately show you how the dynamics work in families, relationships and with ...
Families, Relationships and Children
1 hr
Blueprint of the stars and their energies at the exact time you were born from the exact place you were born. For the most accurate interpretation, your exact time and pl...
Astrological Birth Chart Interpretation
1 hr