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Group Synergy Magic

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Service Description

There is nothing like the magic of group synergy! In a group healing environment, we come together as a collective and therefore each of us gets to capitalize on the power of healing and transformation that can only be found through a collective coming together as one in a healing container. Each individual brings to the group their own wounding, much of which comes though the DNA, genetics, ancestry and soul groups, for example. When many people come together with a collective intention of healing, the group synergy becomes VERY POWERFUL catalyzing individualized transformation for all within the group container. This level of power can only be found within the group environment. Group containers are excellent for anyone looking to be part of a heart-sharing community that fosters empowerment, self-love and overall, general healing support that leads to profound transformation. To learn more and see if the group container is right for you, book a complimentary 15 minute, no obligation consultation now.

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