Pathway to Stellar Health & Well-Being

As Multidimensional beings, we hold many ailments within ourselves that are not of a physical nature. Through various healing and energy clearing modalities, we can release that which is within that does not serve making space for that which aligns with our highest potential. Life then becomes easier, filled with more Synchronicity allowing for an ease and flow in life.

Experience this powerful and extremely effective modality enabling for the quick and effective identification and clearing of core patterns and thus freeing your life fo...
Divine Healing
2 hr
Golden Angelic Ray of Healing session conducted with the assistance of your Guardian Angel(s) and Guides. Divinely guided, we will work at healing on it's most intrinsic ...
Advanced Angelic Healing Session
1 hr
Consultation and personalized training in EFT for your specific needs. *When travel is involved, an additional fee may apply
EFT Emotional Freedom Technique
1 hr
Release and clear energy blocks that are holding you back from becoming your greatest version! Various etheric healing modalities may be used. *When travel is involved, a...
Release & Clear Energy Blocks
45 min
During this approx. 60 minute session, I will clear/cleanse the chakras and provide loving energy and intuitive healing. Crystals may be utilized (or not as per client's ...
Reiki 45 min + 15 min Counseling Session
1 hr
• Great for those who want to save time or are unable to make it into the Spa • Just as effective plus you are in the comfort of your own home (60 min includes p...
Distance Reiki Master Energy Healing
1 hr
During this session, I will clear/cleanse the chakras and channel pure, healing, love light throughout your chakra system. Crystals may or may not be utilized as per clie...
Chakra Clearing/Cleansing
45 min
Includes Feng Shui Tips for sustained balance and alignment Purify your home’s energy: Removes negative energy to welcome healing positive energy, harmony and alignment ...
House or Office Energy Clearing
2 hr